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hot tub water heater
hot tub water heater
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hot tub water heater
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Sunline Wood-fired Hot Tub Water heaters
The Sunline Wood-fired Hot Tub Water heater is a carefully and precisely engineered, superior product specially designed for maximum efficiency in outdoor Hot Tub’s usage in the extremely cold,often freezing temperatures of many countries all over the world. It offers a reliable, cost-effective, environmentally-safe and perfect alternative to hot water needs in Hot Tubs.
The Sunline Wood-fired Hot Tub Water heater uses the principle of the thermo-siphon process that requires no moving parts. The water in the Hot Tub is heated and circulated without the need for electricity or a water circulating pump. The design of the Sunline Hot Tub Water heater is such that it ensures maximum heat transfer in the shortest time span. Mechanically and in terms of the best quality and most appropriate materials used, the Sunline wood-fired Hot tub Water heaters are amongst the most durable heaters available in the market.
The Sunline wood-fired Hot tub Water heater uses low-cost fuel like firewood, charcoal,farming products, domestic and garden waste. It is advisable to use the waste in order to produce heat and to over-ride the disposal problem.
Biomass is used as a major source of bio-energy for water heating at off-the-grid area.
You can now enjoy many winters of reliable, trouble-free, safe and economical Hot Tub experiences with your family and friends!
Sunline Wood-fired Hot Tub Water heater is designed with an inner body that is reinforced with copper sheet and copper pipes. Copper has a thermal efficiency of 400 w/mk, which is 21 times higher than stainless steel at 19 w/mk. The use of copper as the basic material of the heater is an innovation of Sunline that makes the heater much more efficient. The copper fire box is further surrounded by an outer cell wall filled with water (like a water jacket) running along its three sides. The heater is also fitted with an additional heat exchanger made of copper pipes on the upper part of the fire box. This helps getting the water heated quickly and continuously as it circulates around the three sides of the fire box and passes through the additional copper pipe heat exchanger.
The Sunline Wood-fired Tub Water heater is a very tough machine. The outer copper body of the water heater is fortified with a one-inch thick insulation of 100 kg m2density and thus completely protected and the heater is encased in stainless steel (304 grade) outer. The two cylindrical dished ends are made from aluminum, making it the most durable and strong water heater to be installed in the outdoors. The tough insulation and strong outer casing provides the sunline Wood fired Hot Tub Water heater with the protective cover while shielding the hot water circulating inside from the cold weather outside.
To match the architectural design of the home as well as the Hot Tub, Sunline Wood-fired Hot Tub Water heater is available in two models-horizontal (12.28 sq . feet) and vertical (12.48 sq. feet) , both with a large heat transfer area to ensure excellent results - you get lots of hot water in a short time span! With a simple connection kit, the sunline wood-fired Water heater can be easily connected to the Hot Tub. And it is so easy to operate too!
Sunline Wood-fired Hot Tub Water heater: Heating Performance
The heating performance of the Sunline wood fired hot tub water heaters sometime varies due to the wood quality used and frequency of the loading of the wood during the heating process. However, Sunline Wood Fired Hot Tub Water Heaters will, by and large, operate as per the following Heating chart.
Heating Performance Data
 Gallons of water  Hr - Mint  
 100  40 min
 200  1 hr 45 min
 300  2 hr 40 min
 400  3hr 20 min
Normally, Sunline wood fired hot tub water heater rise (ΔT) the temperature of 200 gallons water by 35� F In the time duration of 2 hours.
Sunline wood fired hot tub water heater’s energy Output is normally 45000 BTU/hour
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